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The Endowment Committee manages the assets of the Endowment Fund and encourages gifting to enhance the outreach of Huff’s Union Church beyond the cost of ordinary operations for the stated missions of  

(1) Christian Education;

(2) Community Service and Outreach;

(3) Wider Missions of the United Church of Christ and Evangelical Lutheran Church of America; in the United States and Abroad;

(4) Capital Improvements; and

(5) Operating Expenses where required for emergency purposes

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Your gift or bequest to the investment fund is a form of asset stewardship.  As a Christian, God has blessed you with accumulated resources and has called you to act with generosity toward others.

If you would like to transfer investment assets like stocks or bonds, please speak with a council member or Pastor.  


Gifts to the investment fund are a vital step in the fulfillment of God’s plan and will leave an enduring legacy for Huff’s Church, helping endow our ministries in Christ.

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If you would like to make a cash gift, please make your check payable to Huff’s Union Church and mail to it to the church or place it in your stewardship envelope with your weekly offering or contribute by clicking here.

Tax Benefits and Ways to Give 

In addition to the deep personal satisfaction you gain from your gift to the endowment fund, you may receive certain tax benefits, as well.


Your legal or tax advisor can explain the many income, estate, and inheritance tax benefits of charitable giving.  Gifts of retirement plan assets or appreciated securities or real estate may be particularly advantageous. 


During your lifetime, you can make gifts in the form of cash or the direct transfer of investments such as stocks, bonds, or real estate.   
You can also plan for gifts that would occur upon your death.  The most common is naming the Huff’s Church Endowment Fund, Inc. as a beneficiary under your Last Will and Testament.  This can be for a fixed amount, called a “specific bequest” or as a percentage of the “residue” of your estate.  


Other popular ways include naming the Endowment Fund as a primary or contingent beneficiary of all or a portion of your life insurance policy, annuity or retirement account.  For gifts that will occur upon your death, make sure to use the correct wording.  All such gifts should be directed to “The Huff’s Church Endowment Fund, Inc., to be used for their charitable purposes.”

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