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Endowment Fund

Click here for more information on our capital improvements and larger projects fund.

There are many ways to contribute to the mission of Huff's Church.

Used Cell Phones and Inkjet Cartridges
This benefits the Huff’s Youth Group and is an ongoing campaign.  Look for the 
box labeled “Used Cell Phones and Inkjet Cartridges” on top of the coat rack by the elevator.  

The Jane Kukulka Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Sunday School manages this scholarship fund, which has helped our  children and youth attend special wider-church events that they might not otherwise been able to afford. In the past, this fund has aided in church trips to South Africa, Switzerland, Germany, as well as those attending the Lancaster Seminary Leadership Now event, the Mid-Atlantic Regional Youth Gathering and the National UCC Youth Gathering.  The fund monies are assigned based on financial need, and are restricted to those who are still in school. Contributions may be made to this fund in honor of or in memory of a special person, or may be made to the glory of God. Thank you for your support of our children and youth through your contributions.

Gifts Brochure

A suggestion of gifts for Huff's Union Church.  Gifts may be given at any time.  Gifts may be given in honor of someone, in memory of a loved one and to the Glory of God.  


Canceled Postage Stamps

You can drop off canceled postage stamps in a basket in the lobby of the church to benefit The Bethel-St. Elizabeths Foundation of America, Inc. The mission of Stamps For A Living is to give adults who have been patients in the mental health section of St. Elizabeth's Hospital in Washington, DC the opportunity to acclimate into a mainstream business environment while earning a living and growing towards self-sufficiency. Click here for more information.